OMSI - Demo-Video 4 - 12/12/2010

Contruction progress and new buses

In this video we show several new bus types, new passengers, new AI traffic and the current state of landscape modeling.

OMSI - Demo-Video 4

OMSI - Demo-Video 3 - 11/02/2010

The first release-announcement

The official OMSI release announcement video: In a short scene, our animated matrix display reveals the release date.

OMSI - Demo-Video 3

OMSI - Demo-Video 2 -05/28/2009

Presentation of line 92

During a trip along the Falkenseer Chaussee to the Altstadt Spandau Underground station, we'll show you the first impressions of our route and the massively improved AI traffic.

OMSI - Demo-Video 2

OMSI - Demo-Video 1 - 02/26/2009

The first glimpse

In our first demo video we present the important features and show you what driving feels like in OMSI.

OMSI - Demo-Video 1

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