12/21/2012: New development screenshots from OMSI 2

Our new screens show the current state of development regarding route and vehicles. A new and often requested feature is the side number plate for the buses. Also the variety of trains has been greatly extended to show the colourful diversity of the early 90s.

05/01/2012: New Route, new bus!

The following screenshots give a first impression of our current extension of the Spandau map: The bus route 5 runs from Spandau Nervenklinik to the U-Bahn (subway) station Ruhleben.

Furthermore, we have started developing a new bus, finally making articulated buses in OMSI possible: The MAN NG272 was delivered to the BVG in 1992 in 25 units and belonged to the first batch of "western" articulated buses to be delivered after the German reunification. The following pictures show the current project state.

You can follow the development of this bus in our in-depth construction diary. See our forum for details.

Screenshots from the retail version OMSI 1.0

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