News - 04/01/2014

OMSI - finally for game console

We are very happy to grant an exclusive glimpse on our most recent project: OMSI for game console!

We did not spare any efforts to make this unique adventure possible for you. OMSI finnaly lines up with the great gaming classics, like Super Mario Bros., Tetris or Donkey Kong.

The features have mostly been adopted:

Tech specs:

News - 12/11/2013

OMSI 2 now available!

Finally, we proudly present: OMSI 2 is available in the Aerosoft Online Shop!


We wish you very much fun while driving, playing and exploring!

On the occasion of the release, we give you an attraction: We have installed a dynamic screenshot board where you can see YOUR screenshots!

News - 11/30/2013

OMSI 2 - final release date revealed

Finally! We worked at full speed and here we go: OMSI 2 will be in stores at the 12th December 2013.

We put together a special Christmas package for you - OMSI 2 will be full of features we have not announced yet. 12th December will be the date for you to unwrap all secrets.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Drive carefully! :-)

News - 12/21/2012

OMSI 2 comes in 2013!

Just in time for Christmas we’d like to reveal a long-kept secret! We are happy to announce the follow-up version - OMSI 2 - for the 4th quarter 2013!

OMSI 2 gives you even more realism, more buses, more Spandau and dozens of new features. The highlights:

Of course, OMSI 2 will be 100% downward compatible. All user-created vehicles and maps can be used in the new version.

OMSI 2 will be a payware standalone full version. Users of OMSI 1 will be offered an upgrade discount.

We have placed a large variety of new development screenshots at our screenshot page. Enjoy!

News - 05/01/2012

Continuing building Map Spandau!

Some weeks ago, we started to continue the Spandau map! We decided to build line 5 from Spandau Nervenklinik to the U-Bahn station Ruhleben. This line offers the possibility to use existing areas (Rathaus and longer parts of the Falkenseer Chaussee) and to add new interesting locations in Spandau (Altstadt, Charlottenbrücke, underground station Ruhleben...).

We have also added new features to OMSI which help us to build this new section:

- The map is now based on world coordinates, so it is possible to easily import DEM (a DLL is used for this which can also be programmed individually).
- The streets and intersections follow the real elevation gradient! We used DEM and also the elevation information from topographical maps. Even nearly invisible gradients are now included - but very obvious is the new gradient under the railroad bridge at Rathaus Spandau!
- Intersections can be bended vertically with an extra mesh file. The advantage: The paths will move vertically, too, and you can bend even existing intersections without altering the original blender file!

Furthermore, a new bus is under construction: The MAN NG272 will be the first real articulated bus expanding the OMSI fleet.

On our screenshots page we have arranged the highlights of the current expansions.

News - 03/08/2011

OMSI-Patch 1.01 available!

The Patch 1.01 is now available for download. Among others, the patch contains the following new functions and corrections:

- Some graphical details along the route
- Accident black spots resolved
- Passengers waiting at the stops even after several trips
- Service runs back to the depot can be cancelled
- Graphics driver repair function for NVIDIA® cards
- Game-controller configuration wizard
- Alternative view control for laptops
- AI vehicle and pedestrian collisions can be switched off

Download here

IMPORTANT: Please create a backup of all custom-made OMSI content prior to installing the patch!

ATTENTION: Users who have bought OMSI after 03/08/2011 do not need the patch!

News - 02/18/2011

Here comes OMSI!

OMSI is now available for download at Aerosoft. Due to the current rush on their servers, there may be some delay during the purchasing process. Please be patient.
For questions about payment and download issues, please also turn to the Aerosoft support forum.

Order the OMSI download version at Aerosoft (German but the download works)

...or at

News - 02/14/2011

Software Development Kit: Map Editor Manual online!

For all those who cannot wait any longer, we have uploaded the manual of our Map Editor today! The manual explains how to place roads and objects, shape the terrain, create lines and timetables and, last but not least, how to repaint buses.

At the moment, there is only the German version available but Marcel is already busy getting the rest of the 114 pages translated into English. So the English manual will be ready in a few days.

OMSI-SDK: Map Editor Manual (German Version)

News - 02/05/2011

Release date of Download Version: 02/18/2011!

We are pleased to announce the estimated release date of the OMSI download version! After all, it went quicker than we had expected, so if everything goes well, OMSI will be available for download on February 18. Until further notice, this date only holds for the German version, for the manual still has to be translated into English. Nevertheless, OMSI itself can be switched to English already.

In addition, there is a load of new screens from Spandau, too, including a nice surprise, new buses and some preliminary information material.

News - 12/12/2010

OMSI-Video 4!

Just in time for Third Advent Sunday, we provide you with a brand-new demo-video! What's on the show this time?

- A glimpse of the current scenery design with comparison to the original
- New light and weather effects
- AI-buses
- Improved and extended AI car traffic
- New passengers
- Driving the D86


News - 11/02/2010

OMSI is coming!

Today is the day! We are pleased to announce our official release date: OMSI will be published in early 2011 by Aerosoft! The recommended retail price is EUR 29.99 and there will be both boxed and download versions.

But that's not all! We are proud to present some more news:

A new feature is the support for TrackIR 5. TrackIR by NaturalPoint now offers the complete freedom of movement in the OMSI cockpit too and intuitively helps checking the mirrors, operating the dashboard switches and reading the instruments.

Of course we also provide you with a bunch of fresh screenshots. We show the bus types SD77, SD81, SD82, SD83 and D86, new seasonal effects and new screens from Spandau line 92!

News - 12/02/2009

News from Klosterstraße!

Today, we provide a fresh supply to all HD lovers with our new screenshots from Klosterstraße!

News - 11/25/2009

New screen, new screens!

The first panoramic screens in full-HD take OMSI to a whole new sense of space. For the first time we'll show you the Klosterstraße with its characteristical old buildings. Marcel has written a very descriptive tutorial (in German) about the construction of these houses. You'll find it in the German forum section "Allgemeiner 3D-Modellbau".

News - 11/09/2009

20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall!

Today, 20 years ago, the Berlin Wall fell. A good reason to commemorate this historic event in OMSI as well by showing what Berlin looked like before 11/09/1989. The new screenshots now take us to the western outskirts of Spandau. The scenery is not only dominated by high rise and detached houses but also by the omnipresent and depressing borderline which, by that time, gave the townscape its distinctive look.

Apart from the fall of the Wall, little has changed along our line 92 within the past 20 years. So we would like to oppose original and replication in a small photo series. Our demand for recognisability is clearly shown in this comparison.

Beside the SD202, which is now being in development, another bus has joined the OMSI fleet: The MAN SD200 from 1985, called SD85. Compared to the already introduced SD80, these vehicles are fitted with newer engines and gearboxes, matrix displays, a completely refurbished cockpit and a new interiour design.

Furthermore, we have now created a short presentation of all features in OMSI on our "Simulator" page. The forum has been updated as well and now sports a complete English-section.

News - 07/11/2009

First screenshots of line 92!

Today we present to you the first screenshots of our line 92.
The screens show the already existing section along the Falkenseer Chaussee.

Furthermore, all the official demo videos and tutorials can now be directly accessed from this site.

News - 04/25/2009


Our official OMSI-Forum is now online!

News - 04/17/2009


Due to vacation we haven’t been able to update until today, but anyway this was intentionally meant as an easter egg: We have often been asked about the name and the composer of the music in our video. Well, like everything in OMSI, this piece is self-made, too. Marcel has composed this track named “MW25” (“Marcel’s Works") and it will be the official OMSI-Theme.

Click here to listen to or download the OMSI-Theme (mp3).

News - 03/29/2009

Welcome to the new OMSI website!

Today we’d like to officially announce our omnibus simulator! After more than two years of development, OMSI has advanced in such a way that we think it’s time to present it to the public.

This site is not completed yet, but we are working to keep you updated in terms of construction reports, screenshots, presentations of particular functions and tips and tricks for developers who would like to familiarise themselves with the OMSI design concept in advance.

Already working:

- Screenshots
- Videos
- Guest Book

Enjoy yourself!
Marcel Kuhnt & Rüdiger Hülsmann

© Marcel Kuhnt und Rüdiger Hülsmann