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Sonntag, 10. April 2016, 20:56

Ad banners for your OMSI addons

Dear fans,

the teams of both OMSI WebDisk and OMSI forum wish to give you the opportunity to advertise your awesome addons. :) Vehicles, maps, repaints, mods - every kind of addon is welcome! On the WebDisk we set up an area for discreet ad banners - and now the time has come for you to utilize them for your projects. :) Provided that the promoted addon or addon project was uploaded to the WebDisk, everybody can send me a banner via PN in 120px x 620px size and in PNG format.

A picture or unflashy mashup of pictures as well as the legibly written name of the addon should be part of a banner. As an example:

Generic banner

In addition, please provide the link to the summary page of your addon on the WebDisk, since one click on the banner will link the user to your page.
Your banner is randomly chosen from all submitted banners once the WebDisk is loaded.

We are looking forward to your submissions. If you have questions, please send me a PM. :)

Best regards
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